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About Internet Affiliation

The internet marketing company which is Internet Affiliation has several websites within its range. All the websites are tasked with making products more available on the internet. Have a look round at the sites under our control, and see whether there's anything to take your fancy.

UK Holiday Shop

A whole range of different holiday are available at UK Holiday Shop. From holiday cottages to villas; from family holidays in the sun to Warner holidays for those of a certain age. We featured UK Holiday Shop here. screen

Cottage Choice

As the name suggests, Cottage Choice is where you'll all the holiday cottages. Although, as the name doesn't suggest, there are also villas aplenty on Cottage Choice. See what else is going on at Cottage Choice. screen

Boating Holidays UK

No prizes for guessing what is sold on Boating Holidays UK. Yep - boats. In the UK. The canal network and Norfolk Broads both have a good selection of boating holidays, and you'll find them all here, on Boating Holidays UK. screen

Boating Holidays France

Like its predecessor, Boating Holidays UK, the clue is very much in the title to Boating Holidays France. Boats all over France. There's a nice little selection, so have a look and see what tickles your fancy. See Boating Holidays France for all the info you need. screen

Internet Affiliation

This is the home of Internet Affiliation Ltd. It's where you'll find more details about the company, and the people behind the business. Should you want to know more, Internet Affiliation is a good place to start. screen

Villa Choice

Another self-explanatory website - it's good to keep things simple. Villa Choice has a selection of holiday villas around Europe. New villas are always being added, so the selection available is increasing; which is nice. screen

Holiday Choices

A mixture of holiday types here at Holiday Choices, You've got boats, cottages, villas and sun filled holiday resorts. Every week new cottages are added to the portfolio, so it's worth having another look to see what is happening. You can find out more at Holiday Choices. screen

Wills Opinions

Most of the websites from Internet Affiliation are holiday related, as you may have guessed. Wills Opinions is a little bit different. This side-project has opinions. Opinions on a manor of subjects. It's all quite eclectic really. You can see more about Wills Opinions here. screen

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Latest special offer

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