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A bit of an eclectic bunch on Wills Opinions. This little side project has opinions and reviews on everyday items. Need to order some wine or gin from Adnams? Need to spiralize your vegetables (and let's face it, who doesn't). Wills Opinions is the place to find out some opinions.

Adnams online

Online is where it's happening. Unless, of course, you live in Southwold. If you live in Southwold you can nip into the Adnams shop. But for the rest of you lovely people, you can shop for Adnams online. All your Adnams gin, wine and beer needs can be met with an online order.

OXO handheld spiralizer

Who doesn't want spiralized vegetables? A fool, that's who. If your house is short of a spiralizer, have a look at the OXO handheld spiralizer for more info.

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